Learn how to play bridge game - contract bridge, duplicate bridge, bridge bidding, bridge tutorial lessons. Learn basic bridge play, card sense, bridge lessons for beginners. A good bridge lesson includes practice and interactive bridge tutorials to help beginners learn how to play bridge.

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Tutorials to Help You Learn How to Play Bridge... Better

Have you tried to learn how to play bridge only to find you couldn't follow other bridge players' explanations? Or maybe you understood each "helpful" bridge comment, but the comments didn't help you improve your bridge game. Very frustrating.

I'm a retired teacher, and I've made my learn how to play bridge site different. Each topic is covered slowly and carefully. There's plenty of practice. And it's all FREE!

I've decided to make Bridge Bears live even though it's incomplete. Yes, I know it can be annoying to follow links to pages that don't exist. I hope you enjoy what's available so far, and please accept my apologies for what isn't yet written. You may be amused at some of the silly stuff I upload as I'm learning how to code HTML by hand.

For Beginners

How to Win Tricks
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Introduction to
Declarer Play

Basic Bridge

Bridge Bidding

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An ACBL bridge club.

Welcome, to all of you who are learning to play bridge -- duplicate bridge or party bridge. On this site you will find extensive tutorials that help you learn what others assumed you could pick up with one quick explanation. Relax, settle into your chair, and I will help you really learn how to play bridge!

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My website is different from other bridge sites!

checkmark It's run by a retired teacher and ACBL life master who has 35 years teaching experience and who's been playing bridge for almost 50 years. I don't claim to be one of the top players, but I do understand how slowly beginners need to go when they are trying to learn how to play bridge.
checkmark You'll find hundreds of hand diagrams with a question and answer format that encourages you to practice thinking like a bridge player.
checkmark You get mainstream advice here, so you won't have to wonder if what you learn will be understood by your next partner.
checkmark You can learn at your own pace, taking as much time as you need to understand each hand before moving on. Look at as many examples as you like today, and come back for more tomorrow.
checkmark I strive to cover in detail what I've heard others mention in passing. I do not assume that one quick explanation is all it takes for a beginner to learn a new concept.
checkmark If you have a bridge question that's not answered on my website, email it to me and I'll see if I can answer it.

Make yourself comfortable and stay awhile! I hope you enjoy the bridge lessons and bridge tutorials on www.bridgebears.com

All best, Ralph Welton

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